sons of anarchy 602 one one six 'Sons of Anarchy' episode 602   'One One Six': The school shooting fallout

After the elementary school shooting in the Season 6 premiere, “Sons of Anarchy” wastes no time in bringing the world crashing down around the club. The second episode, “One One Six” kicks off with Arcadio (Dave Navarro) informing Nero (Jimmy Smits) that the gun used in the shooting was, in fact, one trafficked by SAMCRO.
The immediate plan is to get Arcadio and his girlfriend, the shooter’s mother, out of town before the police can question them. It’s a simple enough plan, and one the club has done before. Remember Cherry in Season 1? They whisked her away to Ireland for the rest of her days, far away from law enforcement questioning.
Unfortunately, things don’t work out well for anyone connected to the club these days, so before they can get them out of town, the shooter’s mother goes on the offensive, assuming the plan is to kill her so she won’t talk. Arcadio, trying to protect her, is shot dead by Nero. So long, Dave Navarro.
There’s still the issue of the mother, though. Jax (Charlie Hunnam) needs her dealt with, after discovering she’s also a junkie. Jax passes in involving Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) or Tig (Kim Coates), the next two highest-ranking members of the club, choosing instead to make Juice (Theo Rossi) do the dirty work.

Though he looks like he’d rather be doing anything else, Juice shoots the women full of drugs before suffocating her. The plan is to pass her death off as a suicide to Nero, who hasn’t signed off on it. The twisted idea works when Jax reassures Nero that she could have taken anything when they weren’t looking. The look on Juice’s face as he holds the pillow of that woman’s head, though. It’s enough to break even the hardest hearts. It’s plain to see he doesn’t believe in what he’s doing, but the club is all he knows. Jax holds the keys to his future and he’s got to follow orders.
It brings to mind another Season 1 moment, when Tig was going to kill the teenage female informant that was going to rat on a member of the club who murdered someone. Jax stopped him, because the club doesn’t kill women or children. That’s when Jax was still a hero in this story. Time certainly have changed, and he’s changed with them.

Jax is also making a move to get SAMCRO out of the gun trade, the one smart thing he’s doing at the moment. The club meets with the Irish to outline a new plan that will remove  them from the equation, while still making sure the IRA can sell their guns. When the club is left with a surplus of firearms just like the ones used in the shooting, Jax says to lock them up. None can hit the streets with the amount of heat that will likely follow them. This doesn’t sit well with Chibs, who says decisions like that belong to the club as a whole. While he may be vice president, Jax seems to only trust himself these days, and says his word is final.
He certainly doesn’t trust Bobby (Mark Boone Junior), who is continuing his quest to build a nomad charter of the Sons of Anarchy. Not a lot of screen time for Bobby this week, but once he can bring his full nomad crew to the table for a vote, that’s bound to change.
Then there’s Clay (Ron Perlman). The finale ended with the idea that he may turn on the club, ratting them out to an increasingly unstable Lee Toric (Donal Logue), who will do anything to destroy the club. Clay wants nothing more than to meet with Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Jax before giving them up. When Gemma shows, Clay puts on a show of sorrow, telling her she did right by framing him. It put the fear in her when she realized Toric is behind Clay possibly ratting and that Otto killed his sister.
Jax, on the other hand, didn’t meet with the former president just yet, which leads to Clay stalling Toric until he sees his stepson. Still, Toric continued his unlawful ways by simply forging Clay’s name on an agreement to cooperate, following a weirdly aggressive outburst that he took out on a poor motel room desk. He then made a friendly visit to Nero’s brothel to set up a date. Crazy people need love too.
The episode’s other big story was the downward spiral of Jax and Tara’s (Maggie Siff) marriage. It’s revealed that Tara is seeking a divorce, even though it looks like she’s expecting another baby. She’s preparing for a worst case scenario that will see her go to prison. In that event, she wants her children as far from the club as possible, and she still sees Wendy as a viable option for that.
Everything you need to know about Jax and Tara’s relationship can be seen in their reunion, as she walks out of jail. Not a word is said between the two of them as she jumps on his motorcycle, but the silence speaks way louder than any dialogue could. They are both changed from who they are, but only one of them seems to be able to see it and she doesn’t like it one bit.
That was cemented in the episode’s final scene, which shows them being intimate. We don’t see Jax’s reaction, but Tara cries during the act. What else is there to do considering the state of chaos her life has become? The road ahead is just going to get bumpier for these two.
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