sons of anarchy 604 wolfsangel recap 'Sons of Anarchy' episode 604   'Wolfsangel' recap: The bodies are piling up

It’s another episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” and this one was a biggie. First thing’s first, everyone take a deep breath because Tig (Kim Coates) lives to see another day! That was a rough week, waiting to see just how that particular story would shake out, because no one wants to say goodbye to Tig now or ever. In a creepy way, he’s the heart of the show.
All the same, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was fine with sending his brother off to die and was surprised to learn that’s not what happened. It seems Pope’s men just wanted to see how loyal Jax would be to them. They’re also willing to make a gun deal to void Tig’s debt, if all goes according to plan, which it never does.
Even though Tig lives to fight another day, “Wolfsangel” was easily the bloodiest episode of the season so far, which says a lot considering the premiere has a school shooting in it. The bodies are piling up and no one is safe. We lost Filthy Phil (Christopher Reed) and V-Lin (Walter Wong), as both gunned down and cut into pieces by the Irish. A nice little message to Jax that the Sons aren’t getting out of the gun trade as easily as he’d like. They left the guns behind with the bodies.
Those weren’t the deaths that will stick with fans of the show the most, though. We finally, unfortunately, said goodbye to Otto (Kurt Sutter) during the episode. After giving everything, including his sight and tongue, for the club, there was only one sacrifice left for him to make. He viciously murdered Toric (Donal Logue) with a shiv passed off to him by Clay (Ron Perlman), before prison guards filled him with lead. His character can finally be at peace after everything he’s done and the pain he’s been through.
The question of Toric’s death is an important one, though. He was the man out to get the club, but Clay’s the only one who could have passed Otto the knife. This could just bring more bad down on the club.
Even though he’s gone, Toric didn’t leave the world without creating a bit of chaos, as Nero (Jimmy Smits) was taken in for police questioning. It seems Toric did a good job of planting evidence that Nero was responsible for the escort he killed, but the sheriff isn’t buying it. It’s a good thing, because Nero is becoming one of the best characters on the show, he doesn’t need to be in jail or danger.
Of course, it’s not “Sons of Anarchy” if skinheads don’t pop up now and then. After Clay killed one in prison, in exchange for protection, it was only a matter of time before they came calling. They just happened to call on Unser (Dayton Callie) with a knife. The carved him up pretty good, but he’ll survive.
This led the way to one of the only happy moments of the episode, if you can call it happy. Darby (Mitch Pileggi) is back and he’s a different man than we remember. His white supremacist ways seem to have cooled off, as he’s married a Mexican woman and making a living through woodworking. That doesn’t really matter to the Sons though, as they drag him right back in, poor guy.
It all comes to a head when SAMCRO kills two birds with one stone. They take out all the neo-Nazis that attacked Unser using the guns left by the Irish, then plants the guns in their house. If the plan somehow works, the heat from the school shooting will transfer to the skinheads, who are all dead. Sound simple enough?
As for Jax’s domestic life, we learned that Wendy (Drea de Matteo) and Tara (Maggie Siff) are working together to make sure Jax’s kids are safe when the time comes. Now Unser’s even in on the plan after catching them conspiring. Thus begins the alliance between Tara and Unser that Katey Sagal mentioned at Comic-Con.
The episode ends with an account of all of the horrible that the club brings into the world, with the final scene taking place at the makeshift funeral for Filthy Phil and V-Lin, as the crates holding their body parts are burned and buried.
No Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) this week, though it would be interesting to see his take on just how out of hand things are getting under Jax’s rule. Life continues to get worse in Charming, as Jax wields more power. He repeatedly says that the choices he makes are for the good of the club, but the dwindling membership is evidence that he’s not doing a good job. Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) is right, Jax is becoming Clay and doesn’t even realize it.
What did you think of “Wolfsangel”?
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