soa gift guide 'Sons of Anarchy' holiday gift guide: Gun mugs, SAMCRO jewelry, Harleys and more

The holidays are here and finding that perfect gift can be difficult. Sometimes it’s especially hard when your loved ones are hardcore fans of a show you might not watch. If you’ve got a “Sons of Anarchy” loyalist in your life and don’t know what to get for them, you’re in luck. On the other hand, maybe you’re a big “Sons” fan and want to find yourself a little something nice for your holiday wishlist.
That’s where Zap2it comes in. We’ve put together a “Sons of Anarchy” gift guide that covers all of the bases, from low-price to out of this world. If you’re at a loss for what to buy for the “Sons” fan in your life, search no further. The answer is below.

Under 50:

soa mug 'Sons of Anarchy' holiday gift guide: Gun mugs, SAMCRO jewelry, Harleys and more

“Sons of Anarchy” 2014 Wall Calendar ($5.99) – It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s very useful. WHo doesn’t need a calendar to get them through the year?
Jax’s Season 2 Sunglasses ($10) – Ride your bike in style, just like Jax Teller. These will keep the sun out of your eyes and make you look like an outlaw motorcycle gang member. Well, it own’t do that second thing, but you’ll look good. (Also available with clear lenses.)
Reaper Flask ($17.95) – The perfect gift for a “Sons” fan who needs a way to partake in their drink of choice on the down low.
“Sons of Anarchy” Gun Mug ($23.95) – It’s the coolest way the person who owns it will ever drink coffee. The perfect give for the coffee drinker in your life.
Property of Jax Women’s T-Shirt ($23.99) – Sure he’s kind of a terrible person. At the end of the day, if someone loves Jax they just can’t help it. This will help them show it, but be warned that living him never ends well.

soa lamp 'Sons of Anarchy' holiday gift guide: Gun mugs, SAMCRO jewelry, Harleys and more

SAMCRO Sleeveless T-Shirt ($29.95) – It’s been seen on the show many times. What fan wouldn’t want a sleeveless SAMCRO T-shirt? It’s good for just about any occasion and those who see it will know exactly what it means.
Gemma’s Season 6 Coral Ring ($39.99) – Accessorize like the Queen of the biker world. Half the fun of “Sons of Anarchy” is so much of what the characters has actually been turned into merchandise fans can own.
Reaper Dartboard Set ($49.95) – The perfect addition to any lounge space, man cave, or anywhere else a “Sons” fan is going to be spending a big chunk of their downtime. Play some darts and do it with style.
Tig’s Turquoise Cross Cuff Bracelet ($49.95) – You don’t have to accessorize like Gemma, sometimes you just want to be Tig. His turquoise cross bracelet is a nice little tribute to the show, but it’s also very stylish.
Under $100:
Reaper Table Lamp ($64.95) – This is definitely the creepiest lamp anyone could own, but it just looks so cool. If the “Sons” fan in your life needs a lamp and a decorative machine gun, this is the best way to go.

soa charter ring 'Sons of Anarchy' holiday gift guide: Gun mugs, SAMCRO jewelry, Harleys and more

Reaper Wooden Sign ($89.95) – Here’s something else that would look good in a game room, put the insignia of the reaper on the wall and let those who enter know where you allegiance is. (Also available with a little Irish flavor.)
Clay’s Season 5 Born Wild Ring ($95.00) – If you fancy yourself anything like the one-time president of SAMCRO, or if you’re simply a free spirit, a ring made to look like a screaming eagle that says “Born Wild” is a good way to tell the world. If it’s good enough for Clay, it’s good enough for the fans.
Over $100:
SAMCRO Charter Ring ($115) – It’s a simple but strong show of support for “Sons of Anarchy.” The person who wears this charter ring will show their pride in the Redwood Original, wherever they go.
“Sons of Anarchy” Denim Jacket ($139.95) – It’s not quite a kutte, but this denim jacket with the “Sons of Anarchy” top rocker and reaper on the back will keep you covered on the road.

so harley 'Sons of Anarchy' holiday gift guide: Gun mugs, SAMCRO jewelry, Harleys and more

Leather Rebel Vest ($299) – Or you can go all the way and get yourself a kutte. This is the same style the club wears in Season 6, but without all the patches. After all, you’re not really in a motorcycle gang and you don’t want the wrong people thinking you are. (Also comes in a long version.)
Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom ($13,549) – If money is no object for your favorite “Sons” fan, and if they know how to ride, why not get them the same model Jax rides on the show? The Harley-Davidson Dyna line is filled with good-looking bikes, and the Super Glide is one of the very best.
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