The poster for Season 4 of “Sons of Anarchy” doesn’t offer much in the way of hints at upcoming story arcs, but it sure is cool. Take a look:

sons of anarchy poster 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 4 poster: SAMCRO in black and whitePretty great, right? The high-contrast, deliberately scratchy look of the poster seems to fit the show perfectly — even if there’s not so much as a premiere date printed anywhere. (The show returns in September, per this very brief teaser.)

“SOA” creator Kurt Sutter, however, did share a little bit about Season 4 in a recent blog post.

“So far, the new season feels very potent,” he writes (some NSFW language if you follow the link). “We’re back in Charming, we’re out of jail and we’re making money. With that upswing, comes all the complications that success and power bring. Season four is all about the club. The personalities, the history, the alliances, the conflicts — the inside dynamics of an organized outlaw enterprise. Ego, greed, violence and fear reign supreme.”

Sounds good to us. If “Sons of Anarchy” premieres at roughly the same time it has in previous seasons, we’ve got about 2 1/2 months to go.

Posted by:Rick Porter