sons of anarchy a mothers work recap 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6 finale   'A Mother's Work': [SPOILER] dies and it isn't pretty

Where do you even begin after the bloody opus that was the “Sons of Anarchy” Season 6 finale, “A Mother’s Work”? While there were no end of theories about what would happen as the season came to a close, Tara’s (Maggie Siff) death has left a hole in the hearts of viewers everywhere.
It was a horrible end she met, at the hands of her own mother-in-law, just when things were starting to look up for her. Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had agreed to turn himself into the authorities, taking the fall for the school shooting gun. It would keep the club clear of the charge, give Tara immunity for her crimes and keep his kids safe from the life of the club, in the arms of their mother.
The two came to an agreement after the club located the runaway Tara in a park with her sons. Tara surely thought it was the moment Jax would kill her. However, he was finally able to view the things he had done from a realistic perspective, seeing the pain and destruction he has caused. He knew it was his time to pay the price for his actions.
Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, thanks to Gemma (Katey Sagal). The biker queen lost her love Nero (Jimmy Smits), who asked her to run away with him. When she turned him down, he ended things between them. She went home to drown her sorrows when she learned Jax was going to be arrested. Thinking that meant Tara had ratted on the club, she went over to her house.
There she waited. When Tara finally arrived, with Sheriff Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) as an escort, things went south. While Roosevelt waited outside, Tara stood in the house with a genuine smile on her face, as things were finally going right. That is, until she encountered Gemma in the kitchen. Gemma immediately went on the attack, smashing Tara in the head with an iron before attempting to drown her in the kitchen sink. Finally, she grabbed a carving fork, repeatedly stabbing Tara in the head until she was dead.
Right around that time Juice (Theo Rossi) arrived and, along with the sheriff, heard the commotion. They both rushed inside and found the grisly scene. Roosevelt let Gemma know that Tara didn’t rat, which led to as close to a break from sanity as you’ll ever see from Gemma as she realized what she’d done.
From there, the sheriff went to call in the murder, but Juice wouldn’t let him, shooting the man dead. This was Juice’s Hail Mary pass after learning that Jax knows of his betrayal. He also got rid of the evidence linking Gemma to either of the murders. Whether that will get him back in the good graces of the club or not remains to be seen.
There were other developments as well, both inside and outside of the club. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) is destined to take over the presidency while Jax is imprisoned, if that actually happens. Meanwhile, Nero has cemented his place at the head of the Byz Lats, agreeing to work with the Mayans and the Chinese in a gun deal. This all came after he confronted Jax over the death of the school shooter’s mom.
The line in the sand came when the Mayans murdered Marks’ men during a gun exchange, bringing Nero into their world. It forced him to choose between his relationship with the club and his gang. When Gemma wouldn’t escape with him, the decision was made.
As the episode came to an end, with Jax returning home to Tara once more before being taken into custody, he finds her body, along with Roosevelt’s. “Sons of Anarchy” Season 6 reaches its conclusion as he cradles her and apologizes while District Attorney Patterson (CCH Pounder) walks in to discover the scene.
With no one to keep him on the right track, there’s dangerous road ahead for Jax, and no mother for his children. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, creator Kurt Sutter goes ahead and makes things even more sad.
What did you think of the “Sons of Anarchy” finale? Where do Jax and the show possibly go from here?
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