kurt sutter sons of anarchy season 7 grim bastards gi 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 spoilers: Kurt Sutter reveals returning MC

Kurt Sutter and the writers at “Sons of Anarchy” are still hard at work on the first episodes of Season 7, but as always the show’s creator is good at giving out little bits of information for fans to chew on and figure out exactly how they’ll fit in.
In a tweet, Sutter reveals that an ally of Samcro will be returning to the show. He writes, “GRIM BASTARDS on S7 of SOA. looking forward to seeing @MikeABeach. i’m fascinated by the delicate racial balance that exists between MCs.” Beach confirms that his character, T.O. Cross, will in fact be returning for the final season of the show.
As for what else to expect from the final season, Sutter says he has “pitched the big arcs” to FX and it sounds like they are on board for the home stretch. “I think it will be a satisfying conclusion for fans,” Sutter says in his latest video blog, “and I feel pretty good that it’s staying on point in terms of where I always envisioned our character, our hero, what his final, perhaps final days in Charming … in terms of the ones that, as an audience, we would see.”
There’s still quite a while before “Sons of Anarchy” returns in September, but chances are Sutter will have even more teases for fans as the months roll on.

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