sons of anarchy season 7 comic con 2014 fx 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 video debuts at Comic Con 2014

The “Sons of Anarchy” cast made their final San Diego Comic-Con appearance Sunday (July 27) and held nothing back. Sadly, star Charlie Hunnam couldn’t attend due to his being on the east coast for a Vogue magazine photo shoot, but he was still represented.

Creator Kurt Sutter set up a special video message from Hunnam that was unlike anything you’ll see on “Sons of Anarchy.” In the clip, Hunnam is shown getting a massage and a manicure, as he apologized to the fans for not being able to attend. Of course, the massage was coming from Mark Boone Jr. wearing only a towel, while Tommy Flanagan was the one giving him a pedicure.
Next came Kim Coates, as Charlie’s personal butler, with Perrier for him. He made the mistake of putting cucumber in it though, so Hunnam threw it in his face. It was a very funny clip that hopefully ends up online at some point. After all, who doesn’t want to see Kim waving a giant fan to cool off Charlie?
The panel was filled with love from the fans and cast, including a standing ovation from everyone in the room for Sutter, which left him in tears. “We’re just one big f***ed up family,” he said. “The thing I’m most grateful for is I walk through our set and I know that everybody wants to be there.”
A clip from the Season 7 premiere was shown, giving a look at where most of the characters are after Tara’s death. Jax was shown in jail, beating up a man, carving a swastika into his stomach and ripping out his tooth. With Marilyn Manson playing a white supremacist prison shot-caller, this could be Jax earning his trust.

Also in the clip, the club rides with the Grim Bastards, Gemma takes care of Jax’s children, Wendy is packing her bags and Unser visits Tara’s grave. Then there’s Juice. After betraying Jax and hiding Gemma’s secret, he is seen bare naked, doing push-ups. They were just quick looks at the “Sons” world after Tara’s death, but it’s easy to see things have definitely changed.

The first “Sons of Anarchy” novel was revealed during the panel, as well. “Bratva” will be released in fall 2014. It follows Jax, Opie and Chibbs as they get involved with Russians. The story is set around Season 4. Luckily, this means fans will have even more SAMCRO once the show is done.
As for memories of the show, the cast talked about the most shocking and disturbing moments throughout the series, but it always comes back to the death of Opie. Coates shared a story about the final take of that scene, which was focused entirely on Ryan Hurst. What Hurst didn’t know was the entire cast arranged to be there. So when he looked up to see Jax, Tig and Chibbs, everyone was staring back at him. It was a special, but sad and tragic, moment for them all.
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