tyler perry south park 'South Park' presents Tyler Perry with the 'Kathy Griffin Award'

The May 4 episode of “South Park,” “Funnybot,” the series decided to lampoon Comedy Central’s recent Comedy Awards — and take down a (sometimes) funny icon in the process.

Tyler Perry popped up throughout the episode, in full Madea garb, after South Park Elementary presents him with the “Kathy Griffin Award.” (It’s presented to the person who is most likely to actually show up to receive the Kathy Griffin Award.)

And in typical South Park fashion, they continued to mock Perry’s omnipresence by showing the series’ only African American character, Token Black, slipping him money for every “hallelujer.”

Thrown into the mix were some delightful “Doctor Who” references, and, most impressively, the 11th hour acknowledgment of Sunday’s news of Osama bin Laden‘s death.

With less than 72-hours notice, co-creator Trey Parker (who wrote and directed the episode) included a scene of President Obama addressing the nation from the oval office — though instead of discussing Bin Laden, it’s everyone’s first guess after news of the late-night address: the end of the world.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell