south park jersey 1 'South Park' takes on 'Jersey Shore'The state of New Jersey is attempting to take over the television world, but someone is making a stand. That someone is Eric Cartman.

Next week’s “South Park” will find Cartman, Stan, Kenny and assorted other South Parkians attempting to hold the line against the Jerseyfication of the world. In the episode, New Jersey has taken over every state in the union east of the Rockies, and the assorted GTL-ers, housewives, Snookis and other residents of the Garden State are now rolling into South Park.

That frightening, night-of-the-living-dead scenario is what you see in the photo above.

Not wanting their beloved hamlet to become West Jersey, the boys, Stan’s dad Randy, Jimbo and Ned, Officer Barbrady and Kenny’s dad all make a stand.

south park jersey 2 'South Park' takes on 'Jersey Shore'Will South Park fall to Jersey like the rest of America, or can the town save itself from a lifetime of Ed Hardy shirts and fist-pumps? You can find out Wednesday (Oct. 13).

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Photo credits: Comedy Central

Posted by:Rick Porter