southland season 5 finale cudlitz 'Southland' finale sets up potential Season 6 with a shocking cliffhanger: Will the show return?Well, that was a finale. Tonight’s Season 5 closer of “Southland” left most of our favorite characters’ fates up in the air, which is particularly anxiety-inducing given the fact that the show has yet to be picked up by TNT for a Season 6.

The good news? Lydia and Russell started to acknowledge the developments in their relationship, with him asking “What are we doing here?” when she skipped the glory of a press conference to spend time with him and her son.

The bad news? Pretty much everything else. Ben’s spiral into corruption came to a painful climax as Sammy got to the bottom of all of Ben’s less-than-respectable behavior this season. It seems that Ben has officially been branded a “dirty cop” — and it’s very hard to come back from that, particularly given Sammy’s disgust with him.

Cooper’s story was certainly the most compelling. He’s been bottling a lot of rage this season, and we knew it was going to boil over, but no one was expecting it to go quite this far. He’s asleep when he’s awoken by a neighbor’s power generator. He goes outside to turn it off, and finds himself in a heated confrontation with neighbors. Cooper realizes that one of the two men in the argument has a gun — and when the other calls Cooper a “pig,” he just snaps. He wrestles the gun away from one man, and uses it brutalize the other.

When officers show up, Cooper is so far gone, they have to shoot him to get him to stop his violent beating. The episode ends with them realizing he’s a cop, while he lies bleeding on the ground, shot more than once.

So now, the question of Season 6. We wish we had good news for you, but even Warner Bros.,  the studio that produces “Southland,” is betting against it. Ben McKenzie has been cast in the upcoming Warner Bros. pilot “Advocates,” opposite Mandy Moore.

McKenzie himself still has hope for “Southland.” “To clarify: I am doing “Advocates” in second position to #SouthLAnd. If
picked up for a sixth season, I am doing that. #SouthLAnd forever,” he
tweeted after news of his new show broke. “I’m honored to be a part of the best cop show on TV
(IMHO). I hope and pray it returns. Nothing would make me happier.
#SouthLAnd forever.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie