Keanu-Reeves-and-Sandra-Bullock.jpgAw, this is just adorable if it’s true. According to Now magazine, former “Speed” and “The Lake House” co-stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are dating. The two of them together couldn’t be cuter if you covered them in fuzzy bunnies and mini-ponies.

The magazine claims that the two, who starred together for the first time back in 1994, “Speed” have been dating for a while. “They’ve had people trying to set them up for years, but the time was never right,” their source revealed.

“When Sandra started dating Ryan Reynolds earlier this year, Keanu was pretty jealous. Now that they’re both single, they’ve decided to go for it,” the source continued. Well, we’d all like to see Sandy happy. Also, if her ex Jesse James starts acting like an idiot, he knows kung fu.

Posted by:jbusch