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Smoldering, skilled and at times a bit unethical, Dr. William P. Rush isn’t exactly the doctor your mother was hoping you’d bring home one day. He serves Hollywood’s wealthiest and most elite and can offer discreet medical care to anyone for the right price (the catch, is it has to be cash, so if you find yourself in a pickle, you better hit the ATM). But the only thing series star Tom Ellis has in common with the renegade physician he plays is his insanely good looks (and love of ’80s music). Check out these seven facts that make Ellis decidedly different from the bad-boy doctor and the hottest new face on TV.
  • The 35-year-old has to cover up his sexy British accent for his role as Dr. William P. Rush, but knew he wanted the part immediately. “I got the script and just thought, ‘This is a job I really, really want to do,” he says.
  • Standing at 6’3″, Ellis is one of the taller actors in the biz. For reference he would tower over actors like Matt Damon (5’10”), Zac Efron (5’8″), and Jared Leto (5’9″) if standing next to them.
  • You may remember Ellis as Once Upon a Time’s original Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest’s loss is our gain), but he has quite the resume of TV credits in the UK, like popular soap EastEnders and the series Miranda, in which he played the title character’s love interest. 
  • Ellis has a twin sister. The siblings are on record as the largest twins ever born in South Wales. He alone weighed over 9 lbs. at birth and his sister weighed 7 lbs, 5 ounces! Kind of hard to believe since he has such a rockin’ bod now. 
  • The Brit is the father to three girls–who he admits are mostly unimpressed when they see him on TV. In comparison, Rush isn’t exactly the quintessential family man. In fact, his closest confidante – his bestie Alex, played by Larenz Tate – counts as the not-so-good doctor’s longest relationship. 
  • Ellis is the son of a minister, so we’re guessing his dad wouldn’t exactly approve of Rush’s unethical practices…and the fact that he’s operating after having his medical license revoked. 
  • What’s the hottest thing about the actor? Despite Rush’s ability to do some pretty appalling stuff and his seriously flawed nature, the way Ellis portrays the character, you actually root for the guy. How often does that happen?
If you want to learn more about Ellis in his own words, check out this video in which he explains why actors love playing the bad guys. 
Catch the premiere of “Rush” on Thursday, July 17 at 9/8c on USA Network.
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