It’s a terrifyingly twenty-first century premise. You are being spied upon twenty-four hours a day. That means you. And who’s doing all this spying? Only a monster of a surveillance machine created by your own government! That’s all kinds of scary and what’s more, it’s not a million miles away from the world we live in today. And that’s precisely what’s so intriguing about “Person of Interest”, the critically acclaimed CBS drama. It captures our post 9/11 paranoia perfectly. This is both fascinating and a little unnerving. 
At the center of everything in “Person of Interest” is The Machine (what else are you going to call it?) The Machine was originally designed to anticipate terrorist activity in advance, although everyday violent criminal acts are also foreseen. Unfortunately the government doesn’t care about non-terrorist threats and ordinary citizens in danger are left to their fates. Fortunately however, help is at hand in the form of John Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former Special Forces and CIA officer, and Harold Finch (Michael Steadman), a reclusive billionaire software genius who hires Reese to protect these ‘irrelevant’ numbers thrown up by The Machine (although whether the numbers given are that of the victim or criminal is another problem entirely). During the first couple of seasons, we’ve seen Reese and Finch’s peculiar partnership/friendship grow and develop further. We’ve also learned a little more about the history of The Machine, uncovered a rogue cop organization in the New York Police Department (HR), and met many other flawed and fascinating characters from both sides of the tracks.
In Season Three however, events have escalated drastically and the team face their most grueling challenges yet, whilst also dealing with the consequences of profound loss. The Machine has also adapted, becoming self-governed and hidden from all. Reese and Finch have teamed up with rogue agent Samantha Shaw, NYPD detectives Carter and Fusco finally uncover HR, and Root – a former enemy of The Machine – becomes an unlikely ally in the face of a shocking new threat.

Season Three is now available to purchase on Blu-ray. The Box Set features all twenty-three episodes of the third season and there’s also an impressive list of special features to boot, including a blissful ‘geek-out’ session with the show’s creator Jonathan Nolan on the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. With Season Four all set to premiere on September 23rd, now would be a good time for both established fans of the show and newcomers to wet their appetites ahead of the highly anticipated next installment.
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