USA Network’s “Suits” third season was explosive, with each member of TV’s sexiest legal team questioning the other’s loyalty both personally and professionally. If you’re a little fuzzy on the details of the high stakes storyline, let’s walk through a little Season 3 recap to bring everyone up to speed. After all, before we find out what it’s like to live in a world where Harvey and Mike are on opposite sides of the fence, Rachel is dangerously close to cheating, and Louis is gunning to add his name to the firm’s door, we need to know where we came from before the Season 4 premiere on Wednesday, June 11. 
Big Changes

It wouldn’t be “Suits” without courtroom drama and the Ava Hessington case shook everyone up. Even after the dream team managed to get the oil tycoon off the hook, the ramifications for the firm seemed endless. Tired of being a fraud and fearful of what his secret (you know, that whole not really a lawyer thing) was doing to his friends, Mike decided to accept an investment banking job and leave Pearson Specter. It’s funny how the threat of serious jail time can have that kind of an impact on someone, no? But have no fear, Mike isn’t going far. His new gig is with a company that just so happens to be a client of the firm. As he points out to Harvey, “Now you work for me.” Does Harvey ever really work for anyone other than himself? Nope, didn’t think so.
Office Romances

For a while it seemed like nearly everyone at the firm was coupling off in some way, but by the finale only Mike and Rachel went out on a high note. Harvey and Scottie’s on-again, off-again relationship was finally put to rest. It looked like Donna had met her match in British transplant Stephen Huntley, only to discover he really is a giant sleaze ball (seriously, when will they give her a solid love interest?)
Interoffice Turmoil

By the season three finale, each firm employee’s loyalty was called into question, and the power struggle between Harvey and Jessica was at an all-time high. Harvey and Mike had to work on some trust issues, while Louis continued his quest for respect…from anyone. The merger that formed Pearson Darby and created most of the aforementioned tension blew up right around mid-season and the Brits were sent packing back across the pond. And let’s talk about the firm’s revolving door of names — from Pearson Hardman to Pearson Darby to Pearson Specter this company has endured as many title changes as Kim Kardashian has had husbands (and that’s a lot!).

Family Affair

It appeared as though the firm was stronger than ever during last season’s finale with everyone banding together to keep the legal dynamic duo of Mike and Harvey together. Jessica and Harvey seemed good, Louis felt like he was part of the gang, Rachel and Jessica had a heart-to-heart and Donna was doing her Donna thing. We’re all good, right? Not so fast. Considering season four’s tagline is, “A Firm. Divided.,” it looks like there’s trouble brewing for our favorite legal team. 
Suits returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, June 11, at 9/8c on USA Network.

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