The enduring popularity of any TV show will always leave fans wanting more and what better way to give them this, than by extending the franchise?  In other words, create a spin-off – a new story, a mixture of old and new characters who live (alive or undead) in the same fictional world.  And before you turn your nose up at the concept of spin-off’s and ask yourself ‘But what about Joey?’ just remember that The Simpsons is one of the, if not the most successful spin-off series ever made (Tracey Ullman anyone?)  It can work, and it can work big!  


Hot on the heels of The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”, which is still going strong itself, comes “The Originals”.  The new series is centered on the Mikaelson siblings, that is, Klaus (Joseph Morgan – who won a People’s Choice Award for his portrayal of the original and brooding vampire-werewolf hybrid), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt).  The Mikaelson family are the first vampires – that means every vampire in the world can be traced back to their line – and the siblings have returned to New Orleans for the first time since 1919 in order to take back the city from Klaus’s protege, Marcel (Charles Michael Davies), who has since taken charge in the absence of the Originals.
Season One of “The Originals” is now available on Blu-ray and DVD and hardcore fans of the show will not be disappointed at the wonderful array of special features on offer.  And if you happened to miss the original broadcast on The CW, then don’t fret – this Box Set offers viewers the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the action in the Big Easy and bearing in mind that Season Two is closing in fast (to be broadcast this October), you’ll want to catch up pretty quick.  Executive producer Julie Plec has already offered some intriguing Season Two teasers, including a possible return by Kol Mikaelson (currently a ghost), and the arrival of Lenore (played by The Wire’s Sonja Sohn), as ‘a powerful salt-of-the-Earth witch’, who promises to be a worthy adversary for Klaus.  And even if you caught Season One first time around, this stylish package offers viewers the ideal way to refresh their memory.  “The Originals” is equally compelling second time around and in particular, a repeat viewing of its outstanding finale is the perfect way to amp up anticipation levels in advance of Season Two.

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