star crossed victoria platt gloria garcia atrian son 'Star Crossed': Atrian lover Victoria Platt on her baby daddy revealDid you see that twist coming? Stop reading if you haven’t seen episode 4 of The CW’s excellent new alien drama, “Star-Crossed,” because star Victoria Platt is about to discuss the epic twist involving her U.S. government alien relations liaison Gloria Garcia and the secret Atrian son she has been hiding.

It turns out that the little boy is half-human, half-Atrian — but not just any Atrian. He’s Nox’s son, a.k.a. Roman and Sophia’s half-brother. It turns out Nox wasn’t necessarily the heroic, diplomatic family man everyone thought he was when he was killed accidentally at the end of the pilot.

Star Victoria Platt tells Zap2it that the half-Atrian child was as much of a surprise to her as it was to viewers. “I found out when they sent me the script. I had absolutely no idea,” she says. “That was another one of those moments where I’m reading it and I’m like [Gasp!] Oh my God! Oh no, it’s Nox! I immediately called Jason [Douglas, the actor who plays Nox] and I was like ‘Jason, guess what! You’re my baby daddy.'”

It’s unclear how Gloria and Nox got together, but it is clear they both have very similar views toward human-Alien integration. “The obvious back story is we’re both founders of the integration program, so maybe it’s the reason the integration program was formed — I got pregnant when we fell in love and now we’re like ‘What do we do with this child?’ I can’t have him live at the sector like an animal, but he can’t live outside the sector like a human, so we need to create a program that will change the world so our son can have a better life.”

Or perhaps the two met with the integration goal already in mind and fell in love that way. “Or was it the opposite experience? That the two of us had really clear views as to a different world,” Platt says.

“Gloria Garcia is obviously a woman of color who must be mixed in some way, and then [Nox] is an Atrian, and we look and go ‘This world could be different, it doesn’t have to be like this and let’s work together to change it.’ I found the leader of the Atrians and I work for Homeland Security, so this is an awesome match and maybe we fell in love because of that and then this child was born of the sort of symbolic union of the two races getting together. I don’t know exactly how it happened; I kind of like B.”

[The show] does have a lot of political relevance and social commentary about where we are and where we’ve been and the possibility of where we could go if we can stretch ourselves a little more and be a little more tolerant and inclusive,” Platt says.

We’ll learn even more about Gloria’s plans for her son in episode 5, “Dreamers Often Lie.” What we won’t necessarily learn is how his human biology mixes with his Atrian genes. Since Atrians have two hearts and humans have one, maybe “he has a heart and a half,” jokes Platt. “No, we didn’t [delve that far]. I was actually wondering [when I read] how they were going to do it in terms of makeup. Are the markings going to be lighter? Are they going to be different in some way? He’s pretty much got every trait — the markings were the same.”

Continues Platt, “I tend to think that because I believe personally that Gloria believes Atrians are a superior race, that that would probably be the dominant gene and he would probably have two hearts.”

What do you think of Gloria’s big reveal?

“Star-Crossed” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley