star crossed episode 10 what storm is this roman grayson drake emery 'Star Crossed' cast teases episode 10: Edendale's hurricane, Teri's troublemakingA hurricane is heading toward Edendale in episode 10 of The CW’s “Star-Crossed.” Zap2it visited the set during filming, and got stars Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden, Chelsea Gilligan and Malese Jow to spill deets on the drama that goes down during the storm.

“The whole episode has me going throughout the high school, causing havoc, manipulating people, trying to get supplies for my mom, having Roman not be with Emery,” Gilligan says of Teri’s Trag mission that puts the storm (and the events of the episode) into motion. “[Teri’s] just really bad. She scares me sometimes.”

Says Lanter, “A major thing for Roman this episode is he’s being drugged, in a way, by a past love [i.e. Teri]. Having to fight through that the whole time pretty much makes him insane and he loses all his inhibitions and it makes him very sort of violent and reacts so quick to things without thinking, and obviously makes for some sticky situations.”

But Teri’s not the only one causing trouble. Evil teacher Eva, who’s only working at Marshall High to learn more about cyper, blackmails Julia and puts her own evil plot into motion.

Says Teegarden, who plays our human heroine, Emery, “I find out that Julia’s become a test subject for Eva’s evil plot to find out how cyper works.”

Watch the cast explain the episode below, and tune in to The CW Monday (April 21) at 8 p.m. ET/PT to watch “What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley