star crossed dora madison burge secret atrian trag 'Star Crossed': Dora Madison Burge on the shocking secret Trag reveal

There’s an alien rebel in the mix at Marshall High, and in Monday’s (March 17) episode of “Star-Crossed,” “Dreamers Often Lie,” we finally learned the identity of the hidden Trag: Zoe, the BFF of Queen Bee Taylor. Dora Madison Burge, who plays the secret Atrian, called up Zap2it to talk about the big reveal.

Zap2it: Did you know Zoe was going to have a secret identity when you were cast?

Dora Madison Burge: No, I didn’t! I just kind of thought that she was going to be Taylor’s No. 2. I was excited to be a part of the show because I really liked the show and thought the concept was really cool. I was a little bit stunned because I truly believed that’s all my part was going to be, Taylor’s echo.

When did you find out there was more to her?

Meredith [Averill, the show’s creator] let me know when we were shooting the swim meet episode that’s where it was headed. You can kind of tell in the swim meet episode that when they all jump from the pool, I kind of step away from the pool because I don’t want to get wet. I was like yeah, rock on, let’s do this! I was really stoked. When you tell your friends that you’re on a show about aliens and then they’re like “Are you and alien?” and you have to tell them no [it’s not as fun]. But this is even better! I’m an undercover alien.

You have all the benefits of playing an alien without having to sit in the makeup trailer and get Atrian tattoos painted on.
I don’t have any tattoos in real life. Remember in high school when people would write notes on each other’s hands and draw on themselves? That makes me gag! I think it’s really gross! I don’t like that stuff so I was pretty happy about that.

I love the Trags’ style and their outfits and the way their makeup and everything is styled, so you’ll see how Zoe starts to become more like an Atrian in color — the black and white and grey. My clothing color palate will slowly start to change. That was really cool. I like how they start subtly doing my hair with the Trag thing, too. The day she goes to meet Drake she does her hair in the braids, like she’s kind of giving him a clue.

When will we find out more of Zoe’s backstory and why she’s gone undercover like this?

I’m an orphan, basically, and it’s very similar to how gangs and hate groups and skinheads recruit youth: They get kids that come from broken homes who feel aimless and feel lost, and so they grab you and make you feel like you’re a part of something, a part of a family, and they give you a common goal, and that goal essentially is hate.

Everyone would tease me on set and say “Wowee, Zoe is nuts” and I was like “I’m not nuts, I’m just really pissed off!” As the season goes on stuff is going to start getting real, and all the planning goes into action and there’s going to be some gnarly showdowns.

Drake is on the fence about how he feels about everything but he’s doing it for his mom, so I’m trying to see what pushes him over the edge and whether or not I’m successful in that, you’ll just have to see. There’s definitely going to be some rumbles between the humans and the Atrian 7 and the Trags. There has to be some conflict!

Will we see more about who Zoe’s working with and reporting to?

We’ll open up her world for sure.

Zoe mentions having her markings removed was really painful.

I think it’s painful for them on a lot of levels because yes, there’s the physical pain of the plastic surgery or whatever it takes to remove it, but I think more than anything is that the Trags are so in love with their heritage and they’re proud of who they are, so it’s that emotional pain of having to remove your identity. I think what makes her the most angry is that she’s willing to do this for her people, but in order to do that she’s now caught in this really weird in-between where she’s not recognized by her own people right away and she looks like the people she hates.

Will more people find out about her true identity?

She’s a chameleon. She’s been keeping up this act for a really long time, so it’s like second nature to her. You never see her slip up, really. But since there’s definitely going to be a showdown, things don’t really remain secret forever.

“Star-Crossed” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley