star crossed what storm is this roman emery breakup 'Star Crossed' episode 10, 'What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary' recap

A storm was a-brewin’ on episode 10 of “Star-Crossed,” “What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary,” when a hurricane headed straight toward Edendale with no warning. The casualties? Two fan-favorite relationships (RIP Romery and Draylor), evil teacher and Grayson’s sense of decency.

Teri caused a lot of trouble — just, you know, a major weather disaster, drugging her ex-boyfriend and making out with him, stealing chemicals from the chemistry lab — all in the name of helping out her mom and the Trags. While it seemed Teri started out in the organization just to help Drake and keep tabs on what the Trags are doing, it sort of seems like she might be drinking their pro-Atrian Kool Aid. (Or whatever those troublemaking Trags are drinking.)

Somehow, though, Teri and Roman making out wasn’t even why Roman and Emery broke up, nor was the fact that their relationship finally went public. It was because while drugged, Roman confessed to Emery that she was his weakness, and his love for her caused him to put her first — instead of his people.

Emery even saved Teri’s life when evil Mr. Burke and evil teacher Eva tried to drain all her blood. Emery is very good at not holding grudges, apparently, and her reasons for breaking up with Roman were all pretty selfless. That means there’s hope for them, right? RIGHT?!

The Drake and Taylor breakup was sadder, frankly, because it was totally Grayson’s fault, and it would be totally reasonable for Taylor to never forgive Drake for it (even though he was hurt too). Grayson is mad about Emery and is totally picking up where his parents left off by leading the New Red Hawks, a.k.a. a younger, hotter version of his parents’ hate group. Not a good look, Grayson.

The only evil not perpetrated by Teri during the episode was the Julia blood testing with evil teacher Eva and the creepy Mr. Burke, who realized that cyper is activated by Atrian blood. Thankfully, Emery intervened and was able to rescue both Julia and Teri, whose blood they tried to drain. Then Gloria saved the day and sent Burke and Benton to a mental hospital somewhere where they can think about what they’ve done.

The one bright spot for relationships, aside from Sophia and Taylor’s gorgeous kiss, was that Eric finally realized what a d**k he’s been and apologized to Julia for his ignorance. She believed him, and then their faces touched and it was very nice. At least two people on this show are happy, romance-wise.

Sophia and Lukas spent the episode researching how the hurricane started, and Sophia realized the gravity field in the ship is probably what caused the storm. She got Lukas to keep quiet about the fact that one of the Atrian 7 could be a Trag, but it sort of feels like this is something that will come into play in the final three episodes of Season 1.

Roman realized the hurricane was a cover for the Trags to steal materials to build their Suvek, a.k.a. a giant-a** bomb that will probably do a great deal of damage unless Roman can save the day. It must be tiring being Roman, having to save the world and stuff and not even being able to have a secret human girlfriend.

Posted by:Jean Bentley