star crossed episode 12 'Star Crossed' episode 12, 'This Trick May Chance to Scathe You' recapThis giant bomb the alien extremists are building to eradicate humankind is becoming a real problem, right? Episode 12 of The CW’s drama “Star-Crossed,” “This Trick May Chance to Scathe You,” featured Roman and Drake begrudgingly adding a few more members to their super secret spy club as they tried to track down the Suvek before the Trags detonated it.

Grayson, Emery, Sophia and Lukas all teamed up to help find the bomb, and managed to sneak it out of the sector in their human/Atrian harmony Mardi Gras float. (For a while they thought it was going to detonate as soon as it left the sector but they sorted it out.)

Meanwhile, Teri hung out with a shirtless Castor and seemed to promise to betray Vega to help his cause, but it turns out she was helping her mom all along. Castor gave Teri his Iksen’s key to supposedly frame her mom, but it turns out it was her mission to get the key, since that’s what sets off the Suvek.

Roman and co. stole the Suvek, but it didn’t get to a safe place — Zoe (back from the dead!) carjacked Grayson and drove it away (after dealing him a nasty blow with a baseball bat). Back in the sector, Castor stabbed his nephew in the gut — but Teri repaid the favor by stabbing Castor and revealing that she was using him all along. Teri thought Roman was dead, but he crawled back to Emery’s shed, the same place he hid after the crash all those years ago.

Drake told his mom about Taylor’s pregnancy, then urged her to go to Eljida anyway so she could be free (especially after spending so long in the crate).

Where is Zoe taking the Suvek? Will someone find and heal Roman before it’s too late? Will the gang be able to stop the Trags from actually detonating the bomb?!

Posted by:Jean Bentley