star crossed episode 3 our toil shall strive to mend 'Star Crossed' Episode 3 recap: Murder, deception, shirtlessness in the Atrian sector
Boy, did a lot of people take their shirts off during the third episode of The CW’s saucy new alien drama, “Star-Crossed.” But in addition to sexy people doing sexy things, there were also sexy people fighting, sexy people deceiving, sexy people empathizing and sexy people murdering. Let’s recap!

Topless moment Nos. 1 and 2: Teri made Roman dream a VERY sexy dream with her magical Atrian herbs. Too sexy for The CW, possibly, if they didn’t cut away when they did. It served to remind Roman of their relationship, and also really piss him off because he’s clearly infatuated with Emery.

Topless moment No. 3: Julia’s mysterious blue veins are growing from the Atrian blood transfusion, and she totally had to take her shirt off to show Roman how freaky-looking it all is. (Roman asked Uncle Castor about it, and he said that there’s an herb Teri’s tribe can provide. Uh oh, gotta be nice to Teri again. Aaaaand she’s OK now.)

Topless moment Nos. 4 and 5: After Drake pledged himself to the Trags (WTF, bro?), he and Beaumont decided to get shirtless and train together. Not mad about it! Kind of mad about Drake being a Trag, but not mad about the shirtless fighting. That’s a-OK.

But aside from all the shirtlessness, we got some A+ political developments too. Such as:

– Roman’s sister, Sophia, is also very interested in the humans and really curious to know more about them, so she too is open to sharing her experiences with them. It’s really sweet, but somebody is totally going to take advantage of her kindness. Oh, wait — GRAYSON. What a d-bag.

– Teri’s mom, the leader of the Trags, is a boss b**** who is also kind of terrifying. So when Teri helps out Roman and sort-of gets caught, she’s forced into pledging herself to the Trags too. You can tell she doesn’t want to, but at that age it’s hard to defy your parents (especially if you are locked into a small sector with them and can’t leave). Um, also, she kind of kills Beaumont. RIP Tahmoh, may your beautiful torso live on in our hearts forever, even though you were kind of a bad guy.

– Two important pieces of Atrian lore: Eljida is the place in the bayou where legend has it that other Atrians have escaped. Hmm, methinks this will come in handy? Also, the Wall of the Missing is kind of beautiful. It’s a place in the Sector where Atrians draw portraits of their missing loved ones. Drake’s mom is up there.

– WAIT A MINUTE. Is that integration program lady secretly an Atrian?! Or does she have an illicit half-Atrian baby locked away in her home?! Either way HOW CAN YOU LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT?!

What did you think of the episode? What’s your theory about Gloria — Trag? Atrian lover?

Posted by:Jean Bentley