star crossed episode 5 dreamers often lie sophia taylor lukas 'Star Crossed' episode 5 recap, 'Dreamers Often Lie': Eljida, a secret Trag, and Sophia's sexuality

Eljida, ahoy! In episode 5 of The CW’s “Star-Crossed,” we learned that there is a secret alien community hidden in the swamps of Louisiana, where human-Atrian government liaison Gloria sent her half-alien baby to live in a heartbreaking send-off scene. And that wasn’t even the biggest thing to happen in the episode!

There was also: the reveal of a secret Trag, an arrest, a super-hot hookup between Taylor and Drake, some bonding between Taylor and Teri, some bonding between Taylor and Sophia and the reveal of Sophia’s crush. Basically, the love situation at this point is so complicated there isn’t actually a shape that could be used to describe it that could do it justice. (Teri still likes Roman who likes Emery who’s dating Grayson, while Lukas likes Sophia who likes Taylor who’s hooking up with Drake).

The Atrians got their first chance to walk the streets of Edendale with an approved afternoon outing in the quaint little town. Which is convenient, because Roman and Lukas happened to stumble upon directions to Eljida near the cell phone that the video of Gloria’s baby came from (of course, they still don’t know it was hers).

Roman took the opportunity to find the departure point and summon the gatekeeper, Jesytur — and ran into Gloria on the way. Gloria confessed to the affair with his dad (which Roman wasn’t too pleased about), but Roman ended up leaving before Jesytur showed up. Which is good, because then Gloria could sneak her son out there and send him away without Roman finding out about him. (Another week, another heart-wrenching performance from Victoria Platt.)

Meanwhile, at the Mud Bug, Drake thought the secret Trag he was supposed to meet was Taylor, and started their meeting with a steamy bathroom sex scene. It was only after that he realized he was wrong about her — and that Zoe, her BFF, was the real person he was there to meet. Teri took charge, but once Drake realized his mistake he and Zoe went on their mission — to plant the black cyper (RIP Beaumont) — and Teri got drunk with Taylor and had some epic girl talk.

Emery and Grayson went on their own adventure trying to find the Red Hawks responsible for the crime Eric was about to take the fall for, and ended up being threatened in a biker bar. Didn’t you hate when that happened to you when you were in high school?

Then, of course, were the revelations about Sophia. While it’s clear Lukas has a crush on her, Sophia’s affections lie somewhere else: Taylor.

As far as Atrian lore goes, we learned two key facts tonight: Atrians can see further into the UV spectrum than humans, and black cyper grows in the bodies of dead Atrians.

What did you think of “Dreamers Often Lie”? Is the secret Trag who you suspected? How hot was Drake and Taylor’s hookup?

Posted by:Jean Bentley