star crossed episode 7 to seek a foe romery kiss 'Star Crossed' episode 7, 'To Seek a Foe' recap: Roman and Emery make out. A lot.There was a lot of badass fighting and a super-cool explosion in episode 7 of The CW’s “Star-Crossed,” but did any of that really matter once Roman and Emery finally stopped repressing their feelings for each other and, like, totally put their faces on each other’s faces? Like, a lot. So much kissing!

Of course, that doesn’t spell good things for Emery’s relationship with Grayson — especially after he creeped on her and Roman making out. This might be a stab in the dark, but something tells me Grayson’s not going to go down without a fight. Hell hath no fury like a Red Hawk son scorned.

There was plenty of other action on the show in “To Seek A Foe” too: For example, Lukas almost died. It was really scary! He’s the happiest dude ever and it would’ve been a bummer — especially for Sophia. And apparently Taylor, too, because they’re friends? That part seemed to come out of nowhere but to be fair, when you live in a small town no matter how mean your mean girl is, nobody wants anyone to die.

Thankfully, Emery, Roman and Drake succeeded in their quest to find and eradicate the black cyper (thanks to a bomb from Uncle Castor, who apparently has an entire mysterious arsenal of ’em in his house for a purpose TBD). They also apparently succeeded in accidentally killing Zoe, though that girl seems to be too much of a troublemaker to be truly gone for good.

Roman and Emery’s makeout sesh wasn’t the only development on the relationship front. Drake and Taylor had a much-needed confession of their feelings for one another, while Julia and Eric flirted like crazy when Eric showed up in a wife beater to fix her car and show off his arms (well, maybe that wasn’t the immediate goal but he SUCCEEDED in taking everyone to the gun show). Before Lukas got sick, Sophia told him that she has a crush on Taylor but she likes dudes too — Atrians don’t limit themselves to liking one specific gender.

Finally, the sexy teacher’s nefarious motives are becoming clearer: She wants to know about cyper, and succeeded in being the least inconspicuous mug thief the Mud Bug has ever seen. (Lady, could you be more obvious when you put stuff in your purse? Also, when you are stealing stuff, you should probably take a bigger purse with you so that your bag does not have two mug-shaped outlines as you leave. Also, that seemed like an inappropriate amount of cleavage to display at the high school hangout where your students are eating.)

Oh yeah, and she proved with science that there’s cyper in Julia’s blood. What she’s going to do with that intel remains to be seen.

What did you think of the ultra-explainy “To Seek a Foe”? Or were you distracted by all the kissing?

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Posted by:Jean Bentley