star crossed castor some consequence yet hanging in the stars 'Star Crossed' episode 9, 'Some Consequence Yet Hanging In the Stars' recap: Castor, the bad guy

Uh oh, it turns out Castor is a bad guy after all. At least that’s the status after the ninth episode of “Star-Crossed,” “Some Consequence Yet Hanging In the Stars.” SOME of us who love Uncle Castor refuse to believe — despite the fact that he kidnapped Roman and essentially confessed to his whole evil plan — that he truly is evil. He still could be the Snape of this story, you guys!

But, you know, he’s probably not. At first Castor tried to convince Roman that he shot the pilot of the Atrian ship because Saroya (Drake’s mom) was trying to land on Earth, despite instruction not to land on an inhabited planet. Then, later, he trapped Roman in a warehouse, a move that would’ve given away his true motivation even if he didn’t then tell Roman his evil plan.

It was Castor’s idea to land on Earth, and since nobody else wanted to go along with it he decided to shoot people to get his way. He tried to make it sound like he was being heroic, but he’s the one who actually murdered someone, causing the ship to crash and kill thousands more Atrians and humans. So, if we’re just judging this based on death count, sorry, Castor, you’re the bad guy.

Thankfully Emery was resourceful, because she could tell something was wrong with Roman, snuck into the sector, and managed to rescue him. Then, later, while they were sweetly kissing and watching the meteor shower, Uncle Castor played a hologram video for the sector that featured some creepy-ass footage of Roman and Emery making out. Did he get that from the awful tabloid reporter and his drones? ‘Cause it’s weird to spy on your teenage nephew as he hooks up with his teenage girlfriend. I mean, it would be weird if they were older, too, but it’s especially creepy since they’re underage.

Guess that also means the Romery relationship is out in the open, at least in the Atrian sector. How long until the humans find out?

While we learned Castor is bad, we also learn Saroya is good. She wanted Roman’s dad to learn the truth about Castor no matter what. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode she ended up pledging her allegiance to the Trags (but only so they would protect her son).

Meanwhile, the trouble in human world came from Taylor’s meteor party, a.k.a. an excuse for all the Edendale teenagers to get in sexy bathing suits and party by the pool. Sophia used this opportunity to slip Taylor the tongue while they hung out in the hot tub, where she was sweetly declined.

If this were another show — and another time, maybe — Taylor would’ve been offended, gotten mean about it and Sophia would’ve been a punchline. But instead, Taylor politely turned her down and told her she was into someone else (and the ladies didn’t really do it for her).

Perhaps that was her impetus to finally lay her feelings for Drake on the table. Thankfully, he responded positively, and told her the reason he’d been so guarded was ’cause of his mom. But he really likes her, and she makes him want to try to be a better person. Awww! Anything that gives us more of those steamy locker room/storage closet/wherever scenes is a good thing.

Did anyone else’s high school locker room have giant padded benches for teenagers to fool around on? It’s so nice of Marshall High to provide such convenient accommodations for hormone-ridden teenagers.

Poor Grayson spent the episode stumbling around trying to figure out what happened to Zoe. He thinks he found out — that Drake killed her — but obviously we know that’s not what really happened. The question is what will come of his discovery. (Also, why does he even care that much in the first place?)

Posted by:Jean Bentley