matt lanter star crossed episode 3 zap2it google hangout 'Star Crossed': Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden do Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' with an alien twistThe thing about Shakespeare is, it’s easy to
forget that there ever was a time when his plays didn’t influence storytelling
throughout the Western world. For example, take “Romeo and Juliet,” the story
of teenage “star-crossed lovers” from rival clans who fight through impossible
odds to be together and get married.

Then they die.
Fortunately, there’s no requirement to take Shakespeare’s endings along with
his themes.
On Monday, Feb. 17, The CW takes a new swing at the “Romeo and Juliet” idea
with the sci-fi drama “Star-Crossed.” Aimee Teegarden (“Friday Night Lights”)
and Matt Lanter (“90210”) star as Emery and Roman, a human teen and an alien
teen who share a childhood bond … and perhaps more.
When Emery was 6, an alien spaceship crash-landed in her small town. Not
willing to assume that visitors from another world who suddenly show up are
there to cure cancer and promote world peace, the indigenous human population
battles the aliens, called Atrians.

In the middle of the war, 6-year-old (in Earth years, no word what that is in
Atrian years) alien Roman hid in a shed behind Emery’s house. She finds him and
brings him food, and they become fast friends.

It helps that the Atrians look completely human, except for some strange skin
markings — they look like tattoos, but they’re actually distinctive birthmarks
— and interesting hairstyle choices.
When authorities burst in to grab Roman, a struggle ensues, and Emery believes
her new pal was killed. Now, 10 years later, the Atrians have been living in a
camp separate from humanity. In an attempt to integrate the newcomers into the
population of Earth, a bunch of the teenage ones are enrolled in a suburban
high school.
To her surprise, Emery discovers that one of them is Roman, who is
not only still alive but has grown up to be a strapping young man with a

With the eyes of the nation fixed on this social experiment, Emery and Roman
must cope with their own feelings and prejudices on both sides of the
interstellar divide.
And we are left to assume that Atrians and humans are compatible in more than
just looks and that interspecies romance won’t necessarily result in anybody
getting eaten or radically transformed at a cellular level.

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Also starring are Grey Damon (“The Secret Circle”), Natalie Hall (“Pretty
Little Liars”), Malese Jow (“The Vampire Diaries”), Titus Makin Jr. (“Glee”),
Chelsea Gilligan (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Greg Finley (“The Secret Life of
the American Teenager”).
Although he has lent his voice to several sci-fi projects — including Anakin
Skywalker in the animated “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” — and appeared in the
comic-inspired fantasy drama “Heroes,” Lanter is in his first actual onscreen
sci-fi role with “Star-Crossed.”
But he’s pretty glad not to have gills or tentacles or green skin.

“Being The CW,” he tells Zap2it, “you have to have a certain kind of look. Also, it’s a
love story. Being a love story, you’ve got to be able to relate. That’s a
cliche, aliens having tentacles and green skin.
“There are so many possibilities
of life out there that an alien doesn’t have to have green, long tentacles.
They can be very similar to us.”
As to what the nature of this love story is, Lanter says, “Roman and Emery are
obviously a very conflicted couple. I guess the conflict really drives the
entire series. Obviously, we evolve, because she is the one who saved my life
when I was a boy and gives me a bit of protection when all the craziness is
going down on Arrival Day.
“Then, when the season is going on – I don’t want to give too much away, but
you see how favors are returned. Emery is his beacon of hope, in a way. From
the get-go, she was his hope of survival, and now I think she is his hope of
integration, his hope of being equal and, one day, being able to be free to be
together with her, I guess.”
Says Teegarden, “Emery’s story throughout the season — she comes from a place
of being the outsider coming into that high-school crowd. Over the course of
the season, she really just finds her voice. What I love about her is that she’s
a strong character. She doesn’t need someone, a boy, to come in and save her.
“She does get involved in some kinds of crazy antics. She doesn’t need them to
save her, but she falls into some sticky situations. She doesn’t ever doubt
herself. She’s always passionate and free-spirited. She isn’t afraid to say
what she thinks or what she feels and do the right thing.
“There’s so much going on from one episode to another episode. There are four,
five, six storylines going on and things happening and explosions and romance
and alien mythology.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare