star crossed premiere fight matt lanter brina palencia cw 'Star Crossed' premiere: What did you think of The CW's new alien drama?
The CW’s newest drama, “Star-Crossed,” can be described as a lot of things: “Romeo and Juliet” mixed with “Roswell” mixed with “District 9” with a dash of “Battlestar Galactica.” While the premiere focused a lot on establishing a new world in which alien teenagers are integrating into Louisiana public school, where Matt Lanter and Aimee Teegarden are totally high school age and in love even though they met once as kids, the subsequent episodes get a lot more into the sci-fi of it all.

Monday’s (Feb. 17) premiere introduced us to our human heroine, Emery (Teegarden), our alien hero, Roman (Lanter), Emery’s ailing human BFF, Julia (Malese Jow), who is now probably feeling a lot better thanks to some of Roman’s alien magic (albeit unbeknownst to her). We also got a taste of the love triangle action going on with Grey Damon‘s BMOC, Grayson.

Viewers were also introduced to the politics of it all — most people don’t want this integration to happen, especially not the human extremists, the Red Hawks, and the alien extremists, the Trags. Oh yeah, and Emery’s dad accidentally killed Roman’s dad. Oops! 

Here are a few more takeaways from the premiere:

– Young Emery and Roman are the cuuuuutest little kids ever. But would you recognize someone you knew for a short — albeit incredibly memorable — while when you were a small child? Yeah, yeah, they had a connection, but it still seems kiiind of improbable that they’d recognize each other. Would you recognize someone you met for one night when you were 6? (But it’s cool, we’re gonna let that one go.)

– The near-future technology is very, very cool. The screens are slightly cooler (and a lot more prevalent), apparently classroom instruction also involves glitchy holograms, and getting cafeteria lunches cuts out the lunch lady middleman in favor of touchscreen vending machines. (Frankly, that last one is something they should’ve probably already implemented in Disney’s Tomorrowland, right?)

– That “Age of Aquarius” cover was awesome. It’s by Digital Daggers and you can buy it on iTunes.

What did you think of “Star-Crossed”? Are you hooked? Will you tune in next week for episode 2?

Posted by:Jean Bentley