star crossed episode 11 give me a torch draylor pregnant baby 'Star Crossed' Season 1, episode 11 'Give Me a Torch' recap: Teenage alien pregnancyTaylor has it worse than most teen moms-to-be — not only did she discover she was pregnant (via glowing tears) on the 11th episode of “Star-Crossed,” “Give Me a Torch,” but she also has to hide the fact that the father of her baby is an alien. (Sounds like a spinoff — someone alert The CW!)

That hurricane couldn’t tear Draylor apart for long. Taylor dealt with her pregnancy surprisingly well for a teenager carrying a forbidden alien love child, and after confiding in Sophia and Emery for moral support, she finally informed Drake of her, uh, condition. (He also took it surprisingly well? Aw, teenagers.) He confessed that he only broke up with her because he was forced to, and he wanted to find a way for them to be together.

Sophia’s the one who figured out her crush was pregnant — those glowing tears are really a dead giveaway — and remained her biggest support throughout the episode. It’s nice that Taylor isn’t leading her on at all, and they can still be friends despite the fact that Sophia has crushy feelings and Taylor has platonic feelings.

Grayson spent the episode putting out Red Hawk fires — namely, that Vartan (creepy Red Hawk hick from before) thought Emery was the one pregnant with an Atrian baby — and saved his ex from kidnapping. So many thwarted kidnappings on this show!

Unfortunately, Roman saw Emery addressing the Red Hawks (all part of her plan to help the Atrians), and clearly jumped to some conclusions. Roman, you gotta learn the first rule of high school: Don’t trust anything you eavesdrop your ex-girlfriend saying to a group of closeted teenage racists under the bleachers. What, you guys didn’t have that saying at your school?

Meanwhile, Roman and Drake teamed up to stop the Trags from detonating their Suvek. Unfortunately, that didn’t succeed, and they’ll have to team up again next week to try again.

Castor remains evil, this time with a harem of sexy Atrian ladies hanging around him . He even seemed to sort-of turn Teri to his side, by realizing she was eavesdropping on her and throwing her some nice compliments she thought she was just overhearing.

And in “awwww” news, Julia messed up her song in front of the entire school at the winter dance (just go with it) and then Eric saved her and it was really sweet. Except Malese Jow is actually a really awesome singer in real life and would have rocked the heck out of that song, so just pretend you didn’t know that.

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