star crossed sophia brina palencia episode 4 and left no friendly drop 'Star Crossed' Season 1, episode 4 recap: 'And Left No Friendly Drop'
Okay, so, a lot of stuff went down during the fourth episode of “Star-Crossed,” “And Left No Friendly Drop.” But none of it was as amazing as the moment when Teri realized some blonde b**** from the opposing school purposefully poisoned Sophia, calmly took her earrings off and headbutted that witch to the ground. That’s what happens when you mess with an Atrian!

Then, after Sophia was saved by Emery’s quick thinking (and a stab from an epi pen), we bore witness the greatest melee ever involving high school students in speedos punching the crap out of each other. Best move: When Drake started to pull a dude from the opposing team out of the pool, then punched him back down. Take that! (Also, here was an awww-worthy moment: Eric and Drake glanced at each other mid-fight, then didn’t punch each other. That’s called progress, people!)

There was that other OMG moment that you’re wondering about, probably: That video Lukas and Roman were trying to decode on Nox’s phone? A video of Gloria’s son. Because Nox, Roman and Sophia’s father, is Gloria’s baby daddy. Oh yes, Nox, you ARE the father.

Here’s what else happened:

– Guards came in and tore s*** up in the Roman/Sophia residence because they got a tip that there was illegal tech. It turned out to be true — Nox had a cell phone, which turned out to have the aforementioned video. Who tipped off the authorities?

– Thanks to the biology teacher, we now know that Atrian and human biology is very similar, except Atrians have two of each major organs. (Two you-know-whats? TBD.) We also know that Taylor and Drake have to get together ASAP because their sexual tension is about to steam up your TV/computer/iPad/whatever device you’re using to watch screen.

– Sophia is 100 percent the cutest character on this show. She and Julia seem like they should be best friends, right? They’re both so curious about each other’s culture, and also they’re, like, the nicest people. Let’s make that happen.

– Eric might have softened a bit on his anti-Atrian stance. He and Drake seem like they could probably be bros eventually, now that they have a begrudging respect for each other. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy!

– Grayson and Emery had their first kiss! It was so cute, but Roman staring longingly in the background was really sad/pathetic. Buck up bro, she’s never gonna want you if you’re a mopey sad sack!

– This week’s acting MVPs: Victoria Platt (a.k.a. Gloria) for her beautiful, sad moment at the end of the episode as she watched the video of her son, and Brina Palencia (a.k.a. Sophia) for basically everything she did during the episode.

– This week’s badass MVPs: Greg Finley (a.k.a. Drake) for his pool punch, and Chelsea Gilligan (a.k.a. Teri) for that awesome earring/headbutt maneuver.

What did you think of episode 4? The stakes get higher each week, don’t they?

Posted by:Jean Bentley