star crossed season 2 potential suvek atrian invasion 'Star Crossed' Season 2 would've been awesome, wouldn't it?The CW canceled “Star-Crossed” after one season, but the sci-fi high school drama laid some epic plans for its potential second season. In fact, after seeing the Season 1 finale, it’s clear that “Star-Crossed” Season 2 could’ve been an entirely different show.

At the end of the episode, the Suvek, the bomb the alien extremist group had been building for weeks, was detonated (despite the best efforts of our teenage heroes). And although it appears the human race dropped dead, there’s no way things could’ve happened that easy for the Atrians (although this show is totally brave enough to kill off half of their leads).

The Suvek turned out to be a signal for an Atrian fleet of warships chilling in space, who then set their course toward Earth. It’s clear Season 2 would’ve had something to do with an Atrian invasion. Could roles have been reversed? Would the humans have had to move to a sector while the Atrians roamed free?

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Posted by:Jean Bentley