star crossed episode 13 finale 'Star Crossed' series finale, 'Passion Lends Them Power' recapIt’s a real shame we won’t get to see any more of The CW’s sci-fi romance “Star-Crossed,” because the show’s Season 1 — and series — finale, went out with a very literal bang, as the giant bomb the alien extremists were building actually went off — only it wasn’t a bomb at all.

The Suvek, it turns out, did actually go off, and yes, the last shots of Earth showed all the humans unconscious on the ground. But were they actually dead? And after the pulse that took out the humans, the Suvek emitted a beacon of light into space, a signal of sorts to a fleet of Atrian ships.

“Alert the war ships,” one of them — Teri’s dad? — said, as chills ran down your spine thinking about what would’ve come after. Talk about changing the game — Season 2 would’ve looked very different from Season 1.

One of the best parts about “Star-Crossed” is while it gave us the things we love most about high school romances — supply closet make-outs, life or death stakes about EVERYTHING — it also managed to pack in an intricate sci-fi mythology that made it more like a high school-set “Battlestar Galactica” than “90210: Aliens.” So the fact that the finale took so many risks — resetting the entire driving force of the show, essentially — is both unsurprising and a shame, because we won’t get to see any more of how it would’ve played out.

Another awesome thing? In any other show, they would’ve stopped the Suvek from detonation and saved the day. But “Star-Crossed” wasn’t afraid to kill off main characters (RIP Grayson/Roman-Emery-Grayson love triangle/possibly all humans) or change up essentially everything about its premise going into the Season 2 we’ll never get to see. (Feel free to actually cry about it. It’s kind of a travesty.)

The finale episode started with Drake and Taylor talking about where they could raise their baby, with Gloria later presenting a potential solution (once she realized Taylor was pregnant with a half-Atrian baby): a top-secret planned community outside of the sector for Atrian and mixed-race families to live in peace. And even if the Suvek killed all the humans (which… did it? There’s got to be more to the story than that) it didn’t kill Taylor, probably because of the half-Atrian kid inside of her. Of course, the fact that her car overturned after the Suvek detonated and was about to catch fire could probably kill her first.

Teri came to Roman’s aid with some cyper (and Atrian blood, that magical elixir), where they made up. Then Roman and Emery made up (and made out, and also TOTALLY DID IT in the shed where they first met, creepy/cute). Teri turned in her mom to Gloria, but Vega said it was too late to stop the detonation of the Suvek.

She was right, obviously, but Roman and his rag-tag gang didn’t know that yet. They tracked down the bomb (and Zoe), and managed to defeat her army of masked Trags. One casualty though — Grayson, who was shot and died before the Suvek went off. Roman managed to remove the Iksen’s Key, which was the trigger for the Suvek.

Unfortunately, Zoe had a fail safe and set it off just before she died, setting off the events that led to the aforementioned beacon and discovery of an Atrian fleet.

Some other notes:

– Julia and Eric were super cute together (verging on gross — go be happy somewhere else, you’re depressing all the single people out there).

– Teri’s good after all, having turned in her mother for her terrorist activities, but do you think she was planning to do that all along?

– Roman found out about Gloria and his father’s love child (and the actual existence of Eljida) when Jesytur warned him about the Trags’ plan, which Drake’s mom told him about when he was ferrying her to the safe land the night before. He took the news rather calmly, right?

– Zoe wouldn’t have been a great villain in the long term considering she told Taylor your entire evil plan, “Scooby Doo”-style, before she actually enacted it.

What did you think of the “Star-Crossed” finale? Are you shocked that the game changed so radically at the end? How will you mourn the fact that you won’t be able to see a second season? What would you ask showrunners Meredith Averill and Adele Lim about Season 2 if you had the chance?

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Posted by:Jean Bentley