There is a lot going on in this clip from The CW’s midseason series “Star-Crossed,” so first a little setup is in order.

It’s 10 years after an alien ship crash-landed outside a small town. Ever since, the aliens, called Atrians, have been quarantined at an internment camp known as the Sector. Before he was taken away, though, an alien boy bonded with a local girl. She had always assumed he died when he was taken away.

Now, a small group of young Atrians are being allowed to attend high school with the human kids. People are not happy about it, hence the armed escort and mob of protesters waving signs calling the aliens “Tatties” (presumably for the markings on their skin). Several of the Atrian kids don’t appear to be thrilled either, in particular the guy who’s built like a linebacker. He could be trouble.

Amid all that, though, the boy, played by Matt Lanter of “90210,” locks eyes with the girl (Aimee Teegarden of “Friday Night Lights”), and a romance is born.

What do you think of the clip? Does “Star-Crossed” look like something you’ll want to watch?

Posted by:Rick Porter