star crossed secret atrian trag reveal 'Star Crossed': Who's the secret Trag hiding among the high school humans?There’s an Atrian spy up to no good on The CW’s “Star-Crossed.” The double agent will be revealed in Monday’s (March 17) episode of the drama, “Dreamers Often Lie,” and it’s someone you most definitely won’t see coming.

The secret Trag, who’s had their alien markings removed to live outside of the Atrian sector among the humans, is co-executive producer Adele Lim’s favorite character to write.

“There are hidden Atrians in our society and one of them is very unexpected when we discover them, and that character is a joy to write for,” she tells Zap2it during an October visit to the show’s New Orleans set. “It is a totally different aspect than a high school persona and you just see a whole different side to the character without it being an unusual super-arch villain or anything like that.”

Said Trag has lived among our high-schoolers for six years now, which presents a lot of unique challenges. “If you are a hidden Atrian, what does that do to your head when you’re hiding your culture and you’re hiding who you are and you’re living among the humans,” Lim asks. “How do you feel about them?”

Which human character do you think is a Trag in disguise?
Stay tuned to Zap2it for an exclusive interview with the actor following the east coast airing of the episode.

“Star-Crossed” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley