star trek into darkness box office 'Star Trek Into Darkness' opens to $14M Thursday   $100M possible by Sunday?

After opening Thursday (May 16), a day earlier than originally planned, “Star Trek Into Darkness” raked in a hefty $14 million, at least, on its first day, including midnight screenings and select IMAX showings on Wednesday night. This is only the beginning, as it looks like the latest “Star Trek” movie is going the distance.
According to Deadline, “Star Trek Into Darkness” accounts for 80% of the tickets being sold on Fandango. lists over 400 screenings for the first weekend are already sold out.

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Paramount Pictures estimates the movie’s three-day weekend total (Friday-Sunday) will bring in $80 million, with $100 million possible if you throw in the Thursday total. That would account for more than half of the movie’s $190 million budget. With an $80 million weekend, “Into Darkness” will also lay claim to a better opening than it’s predecessor’s “$75 million.”
It’s less than half of the year’s other big release, “Iron Man 3’s” $174 million, but nothing to dismiss. Next up, director J.J. Abrams heads up another space epic, when he takes on “Star Wars Episode VII.”

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