When Stephen Amell joined Instagram on Jan. 3, the “Arrow” star issued himself a challenge: To win Instagram in 2014. But which of the actor’s photos and videos “win” so far? We answer this important question here.

In the time that has elapsed since Amell’s arrival on Instagram, he has posted five photos and three short videos. All of them feature Amell, which is good. For obvious reasons, a post without the handsome man wouldn’t stand a chance.
Here are his best Instagrams, ranked:
8. It’s still the same, handsome Amell. But he has been damaged!

7. Nothing against Britney or Heidi, but the ladies are not necessary here.

6. It does look lovely. It’s also a great way to make everyone jealous.

5. There’s nothing wrong with a scantily clad Amell. But you really can’t see much in this photo.

4. Christmas with the Amell boys (that’s cousin 

W, for those of you curious).

3. Ah, fun with editing!

2. This first Instagram photo is still one of Amell’s best. After all, baby!

1. It may have always been Monday-ish on that island, but this video makes even Mondays worthwhile.

Which is your favorite of the Instagrams?

Posted by:Laurel Brown