Satirical late-night host Stephen Colbert had some fun with a recent photo that shows President Obama reaching over the sneeze guard at a Chipotle in Washington D.C., which a CNN anchor describes as “not cool.” But that’s not nearly harsh enough for Colbert.

“It’s more than just not cool. This proves that Obama cares nothing about border security,” says “The Colbert Report” host, throwing down his pen in disgust. He further says that the president was pointing at the mild salsa, which sends a signal to our enemies that our president is weak.

“Ronald Wilson Reagan could chug an entire bottle of habanero and two hours later, he’d be whistling ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ out of his flaming bunghole. Long may it wave!” says Colbert, lamenting that Mitt Romney isn’t our Commander in Beef.

A spokesman for Chipotle tells E! News, “[The president] shouldn’t have reached over it. An overreach of government, I guess.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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