steve o black eye Steve O breaks his nose on Mike Tyson's fist at Charlie Sheen Roast

For some unknown reason, “Jackass” star Steve-O was a roaster at last night’s “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen.” And Steve-O wisely played to his strengths which, of course, means hurting himself.

For further unknown reasons, Steve-O ran face first into the outstretched fist of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson who, for additional unknown reasons, was also a roaster. After a less than graceful dive into the aforementioned fist, Steve-O stood up and instantly diagnosed his own malady. Steve-O took to his website to explain his actions:

“I told Charlie Sheen that I was so grateful to be a part of his roast that I was going to attempt to get a black eye from Mike Tyson.”

Sure. Makes sense. Charlie Sheen posted a battle pic of Steve-O on his Twitter. Not to be a Nervous Nellie, but something worries us about these two spending a lot of time together.

Posted by:janderson