bindi irwin steve irwin daughter dies hoax gi 'Steve Irwin's daughter dies' hoax: Bindi Irwin alive as computers make a mistake

Steve Irwin‘s daughter dies” is one of the less-pleasant death hoaxes to hit the Internet lately. Bindi Irwin is, after all, only 14 years old and the daughter of a man killed under tragic circumstances. This hoax, however, may have been started in the most innocent of ways: computer and computer-user error.

According to Social News Daily, a “trend hiccup” is basically responsible for the false headline. Past news stories about Irwin, noted for her conservation efforts and acting roles, showed up online, prompting keyword searches to look for more headlines with her name. Add in a controversial story — in January, Bindi had an essay censored by Hillary Clinton‘s organization — and more search hits result. One mixed-up headline (probably related to her father’s death by sting ray in 2006), and a death hoax appears out of nowhere.

Why does something like this keep trending though? The main reason is Internet sites — like this one — which feel the need to report on death hoaxes, thus perpetuating their spread.

However you feel about that, at least rest assured that Bindi Irwin is alive and well.

Posted by:Laurel Brown