steve martin lost wallet returned Steve Martin loses his wallet, but a Good Samaritan returns it

Losing your wallet really stinks. You have to cancel all your credit cards, get a new driver’s license at the DMV a.k.a. the place your soul goes to die, replace all your punch cards (and starting back at the beginning when you were just one punch away from a free soup!). It’s one of the biggest inconveniences that can happen to you.

Unless you are Steve Martin. Then, losing your wallet isn’t that much of a problem.

The comedian slash actor slash bluegrass musician almost found himself in the very situation described above when he lost his wallet while bicycling in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Tuesday (July 2), the Associated Press reports. But in a heartwarming twist of fate, a stranger found it and returned it to him. 

This good samaritan found the lost wallet while working on a city street, and since he knew that Martin was performing his bluegrass show in town later that night he contacted the concert hall to figure out a way to return it, according to Will Beekman, the programming director at the concert hall where Martin performed. Martin insisted on thanking the man in person after the wallet was returned.

This mystery man sure racked up enough good karma points to last him a while.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum