steven tyler rolling stone Steven Tyler talks 'American Idol,' Aerosmith, drugs and more drugsSteven Tyler has given us just a tiny glimpse into his crazy (and awesome) mind on this season of “American Idol.” Now, we can’t wait for the undoubted gems to be found within the pages of his new memoir, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?”

]]>Matt Lauer, Tyler details his past with drug abuse and the toll it’s taken. “There’s three things that happen to you when you’re addicted to drugs,” he explains. “After they take hold, is death, jail and insanity. And I can’t preach that enough. The only reason I wind up in rehab is because I used the point of falling down. My kids tell me, ‘Daddy, I don’t know who you are anymore.’ Wives leave, bands break up, and it’s really a one-way street. I still liked the ride, but it’s a one way street.” Not that he regrets his past actions, as he tells Rolling Stone. “If you’re sober for 20 years, you lose the rewards of first getting sober,” he explains. “First getting sober is when you’re on fire. It’s a rebirth, totally. So in life, what is yes without no? What is winter without summer? If you don’t know winters with close to frostbite and then summers of 100 degrees, I’m sorry, then you ain’t lived, and that’s me – I’m just sayin’!” Even after the band called it quits on their last recording session a few years ago (admittedly, due to a drug relapse for Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry), the singer reports that his Aerosmith buddies were none-too-pleased with his decision to join the “Idol” team. “Did I take [the Idol] job to show [Aerosmith]?” he says. “F***, yeah. Not to show them, but that I can’t be held hostage anymore. I will be my own hostage. The band can’t throw me out.” While he’s yet to reconcile with his band mates, Tyler has certainly tried. He sent a letter to the others suggesting that they put aside the business and focus on music but to no avail. For the time being, Tyler is writing on his own and will release his first solo single, “It Feels So Good” on May 10th. As for any “advice” he has to those crazy “Idol” kids: “You know what? Out of the 20 kids you saw tonight, if you could just sprinkle 10 years of smoking pot, getting f***** up, getting laid, getting f*****, and 10 years of just life – which one of those people wouldn’t be a star?” Never change, Steven.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci