Big-Steve-Valenti-Storage-Wars-new-york-premiere.jpg“Storage Wars: New York,” one of two spin-offs of the popular “Storage Wars” on A&E, premiered its second season Tuesday night (July 9) with the introduction of a new contender — Big Steve Valenti (right).

In the premiere episode, the buyers headed to Trenton, NJ and Big Steve makes his debut. He runs a Brooklyn flea market and is none too popular with the “SW:NY” regulars, especially because his preferred bidding method is to bang on the storage lockers’ metal doors.

Big Steve did win one locker — full of candy vending machines, the ones you see in car dealerships and laundromats that have three columns. He figures they’re worth $3500.

Harlem is the destination for the second episode. One of the big storylines is Chris and Tad’s shop in Hoboken being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. But they’re ready to rebuild and they start with a marble table, a taxidermied turtle and a fair condition first-edition “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” which is worth $3000 by itself.

Meanwhile, Candy and Courtney are discussing secret bidding techniques because they have no money and they don’t want to get outbid as often. But it still doesn’t work. Maybe next time, ladies.

Mike buys a woman’s locker, but ends up taking a bath on some old suitcases and purses that turn out not to be worth much.

Joe P. buys a huge locker for $5800 and ends up finding a ton of good furniture, boxes full of odds and ends, and an old nautical spotlight that turns out to be worth $1000, putting him over $10,000 in the black.

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere of “Storage Wars: New York”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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