carly chaikin suburgatory dalia nicole smith 'Suburgatory': Carly Chaikin teases Dalia's college interview (hint: It doesn't go well)The teenage characters on “Suburgatory” are nearing the end of their high-school days, so naturally college is up next.

Or in the case of Dalia Royce (Carly Chaikin), maybe not so naturally. In Wednesday’s (April 30) episode, “Dalia Nicole Smith,” Dalia’s interview at a nearby college, in contrast with Tessa’s (Jane Levy), goes horribly.

“After Dalia’s interview, Dallas [Cheryl Hines] realizes she might not be getting into college. So they explore other options of what Dalia could possibly do. … And she meets a potential suitor,” Chaikin tells Zap2it with a laugh.

The episode’s title tells you just about all you need to know about the “suitor” — he’s old enough to be Dalia’s grandfather, at least, but Dalia sees being a trophy girlfriend as the best way out after a series of other ideas fails. Chaikin did, however, pick up a new skill during filming.

“There was a guy on set … who taught me how to completely take apart and put together [a] gun,” she says about a scene where Dalia very briefly considers a military career, only to be flummoxed by the task. “That was really cool, and when we started filming it I was like, ‘Wait, but I know how to do it now.’ And they said just forget everything you learned. But it was really fun to do all that stuff.”

Below, you can watch the opening scenes from Wednesday’s episode, which includes an ad-lib from Chaikin. When Dalia finishes her interview with the admissions officer (a very deadpan Tig Notaro), she treats it as if she’s leaving a talk-show set. “‘Thanks for having me on’ was scripted,” she says, “but I added the wave.”

“Suburgatory” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday on ABC. Watch the clip:

Posted by:Rick Porter