geoff pierson suburgatory gi 'Suburgatory' Season 3: Geoff Pierson is Tessa's granddadThe Altman family tree will grow a little in Season 3 of “Suburgatory” when we meet Tessa’s paternal grandfather.

He’ll be played by Geoff Pierson (“Dexter,” “24”) in an episode of the ABC comedy, which is due for a midseason premiere. Tessa (Jane Levy) calls him to ask for help after George (Jeremy Sisto), his son, lets himself go a little following his breakup with Dallas (Cheryl Hines).

“He’s not taking the same pride in his appearance that he was while he was dating Dallas,” creator Emily Kapnek tells TVLine. “Tessa gets concerned and winds up reaching out to George’s dad, who he’s not in great contact with.”

George’s father is also concerned that his son won’t completely deteriorat[e] in front of his kid. It’s a really fun episode,” Kapnek says.

Posted by:Rick Porter