jane levy jeremy sisto suburgatory season 3 'Suburgatory' Season 3: Tessa and George 'have taken the leap' to trust each other againThe end of “Suburgatory’s” second season left Tessa Altman and her dad, George, in a pretty rough place. Each had broken up with a significant other, and they were on the outs with each other as well.

Wednesday’s (Jan. 15) season premiere brought them back together, but not under ideal circumstances. Tessa’s (Jane Levy) mom, Alex, leaves again, calling George (Jeremy Sisto) but not saying anything to Tessa. Father and daughter aren’t exactly over what they felt, but they need each other, creator Emily Kapnek says.

“I think George showed up at a time that made it easy for Tessa to let go of what she’s been angry about,” Kapnek says at the TCA winter press tour on Friday. “But we do kind of move past that. I think George walking in when her mom walked out is very meaningful and sort of the story of Tessa’s life. Her dad has always been there for her, and I think that some of the other stuff probably felt petty in hindsight.”

George and Tessa won’t spend a lot of time rehashing past hurts, Kapnek says, but there will still be some discordant notes in their relationship.

“I think now what their agenda is in keeping each other honest — that comes up a bunch, when they feel that one or the other is getting overly familiar or possibly off the path they agreed to walk,” she says. “That becomes a source of discomfort in their relationship. But … they have taken the leap in repairing stuff.”

Sisto notes the two characters have always shared “a foundation of real love and trust,” and that helps repair their rift as well. “With a relationship like that, it doesn’t take a lot to heal, or at least bring each other back into their lives and understand one another,” he says. “I think it goes to the core of the show.”

“Suburgatory” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Wednesdays on ABC. 

Posted by:Rick Porter