parker young jane levy suburgatory series finale 'Suburgatory' series finale: 'Stiiiiiiill Horny' goes out with a, um, bangThat’s a wrap on “Suburgatory,” which is shuffling off this mortal TV coil after three seasons. The finale closes with a great moment of release for Tessa and Ryan, but “Stiiiiiiill Horny” did not feel like a planned series ender.

Which, based on the late cancellation and when the show likely finished production, it probably wasn’t. It worked well as a final episode for the season, with Tessa getting her big moment with Ryan and Lisa and Malik figuring out a couple things about married life.

But the other big story, George trying to process his feelings for Dallas after their wedding hookup, was left very, very open-ended. Their final scene together is a repeat of some of their past conflict, with George again failing to realize Dallas wants him to fight for her, but it clearly was a story meant to continue.

It would be wrong to say that ending here is a blessing in disguise for the show, because I really believe the show had more life in it. But ending here means no sorting out how the teenage and adult characters all remain part of the show when the kids go to college, which not many series have pulled off successfully.

Still, it would have been nice to see how creator Emily Kapnek and her writers pulled that off. And to see how Lisa and Malik would have continued adjusting to being married while still being essentially kids. And whether Tessa and Ryan would have lasted after that epic, Violent Femmes-scored, clothes-tearing final moment.

That, alas, won’t be happening, so instead let’s celebrate what we did get of “Suburgatory.” It had a tendency to overplay the outsize quirks of its setting and supporting characters, but when it was on it was really, really on (see, most recently, Lisa and Malik’s wedding). There was hardly a weak link in the cast, and by rights every one of its younger actors — Jane Levy, Allie Grant, Carly Chaikin, Parker Young and Maestro Harrell — should go have big careers.

So long, “Suburgatory.” It’s been nice getting to know you these three years.

Posted by:Rick Porter