suburgatory junior secretarys day 'Suburgatory': Tessa pulls a Carrie Mathison and more to watch for in 'Junior Secretary's Day'Tessa (Jane Levy) gets her wisdom teeth taken out in Wednesday’s (Jan. 16) episode of “Suburgatory.”  That may not sound like much of a premise for a comedy episode, granted, but you’re forgetting the painkillers.

Tessa loopy on pills, plus Levy’s ability to make Tessa funny when she’s strident or angry, combine for a very amusing episode called “Junior Secretary’s Day.” Here are three things to watch for in the episode.

Tessa Altman, meet Carrie Mathison. Tessa is skeptical about having her wisdom teeth pulled. But afterward, and under the influence of her pain meds, she goes full “Homeland,” making all sorts of connections that, in her addled brain, prove aliens are coming for her teeth. Levy nails Tessa’s wild-eyed ravings.

George smells a rat. George (Jeremy Sisto) is dealing with pests in his basement — actual rats, sure, but also Fred (Chris Parnell), who takes refuge in the basement rather than tell Sheila he’s been demoted to a junior secretary (hence the title) at his office. In both his and Tessa’s case, tinfoil hats are involved.

Ryan and Tessa, sittin’ … on a bed. He’s back with the Shays, but Ryan (Parker Young) is still uncertain about where things stand with Tessa after their Christmas kiss. Lisa (Allie Grant) offers him a chance to find out when she suggests he bring Tessa’s homework to her.

“Suburgatory” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter