The much-anticipated “The Suite Life Movie” premieres Friday (March 25) on The Disney Channel at 8 p.m. ET. 

And Zap2it caught up with one its stars, Debby Ryan, after her appearance on The KTLA News Morning Show. Soon, she’ll be breaking out in her own Disney Channel series as the title character in “Jessie.” 

But, first things first: The movie. Ryan, who plays Bailey, tells us it exceeded even her expectations.
“I saw it and I was blown away,” Ryan, 17, tells us. “I read the script. I’ve been to the sets, but watching it and seeing the effects, the sci fi of it, the action, the romance, it’s a really diverse movie. I feel that it’s also kind of a different vibe than a lot of things on the channel. We had a great director and we had a great team up in Vancouver.”

In the movie based on the successful Disney series, Zack and Cody (twins Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse) find themselves part of a scientific experiment and discover that they can feel each other’s thoughts and feelings. But while the discovery connects them like never before, it also places them in great danger. Ryan says even hardcore fans will be surprised by the guys in the movie.
“You know Zack and Cody, but you’ve never seen them like this, in this kind of situation, as they’re growing up and as they’re handling things in certain ways,” Ryan tells us. “It’s just cool, because as they’re tossed things whether they’re small relationship things or giant life in peril things, they’re handling them like 17-year-olds. So, it’s cool to be growing up on the show.”

We asked Ryan what her best memory from shooting the movie in Vancouver, Canada was and she tells us that it involved a holiday and accidentally burning one of the guys.
“My top memory from shooting the movie was probably that there was Canadian Thanksgiving while we were there,” the Texas native tells us. “So we all got together and had this giant Thanksgiving meal.”
“I like made a pie and brought my little pumpkin pie,” she continues. “Which Cole all throughout dinner — my pie was still in the oven – he was like, ‘Where’s the pie? When’s the pie coming? When are we going to eat the pie?’ So,  I went and grabbed it and he got mad at me for it burning his mouth. It’s like, ‘It’s your fault for not being patient for the pie. You didn’t make anything. I made the pie. You can wait.'”
We wonder if Dylan felt the burn, too? Nah, that’s only in the movies.
If you missed Debby on KTLA, watch her interview below:


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