suits james mccaffrey gordon specter harvey dad gi 'Suits' casts James McCaffrey as Harvey's dad

It’s time to meet Harvey Specter’s dad when “Suits” Season 3 returns this summer! And now the word is out on the actor who will play that influential man: James McCaffrey.

McCaffrey will appear in the season’s flashback episode as Gordon Specter, according to TVLine. This is the sixth episode of the season and will air on Aug. 20. Set 10 years before the main events of “Suits,” the now-deceased Gordon will play a major role in his son’s decisions at that time.

What will Harvey (Gabriel Macht) be deciding? At the time depicted in the flashback, Harvey will still be a lawyer in the district attorney’s office. Facing corruption in a place of supposed idealism, he will have to decide whether or not to stay or to go work for Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).

This is the second flashback episode for “Suits,” showing even more of the past that led to the stories of the present. In the Season 2 flashback, the audience learned that Harvey Specter’s beloved father had died five years earlier. A jazz musician with an unfaithful wife, Gordon may have been the single biggest influence on his son’s life.

McCaffrey is best known for playing the character of Jimmy Keefe on “Rescue Me.” He also had a recurring role on “Revenge,” portraying the lawyer Ryan Huntley in the show’s first season.

“Suits” Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, July 16 at 10pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown