Guess what, “Suits” fans — Donna totally had sex with Harvey one time, and now the Season 4 episode, “Exposure,” has given its audience the full story.

The long-buried and only occasionally referenced secret comes out when Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is trying to give Rachel (Meghan Markle) a pep talk about going back to work, even though she and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) are going through a rough patch.

So what happened? And when?

Here’s the story, straight from Donna’s mouth:

“It was once, and I never would’ve done it if we were still working together. But then he left the D.A.’s office and … It happened. And then the next time that I saw him, he wanted to come with him to the firm, and I did. And that was that.”

Obviously, the relationship didn’t ever progress from that one, long-ago moment. Donna wanted it to though: “I would’ve wanted to try. But he wasn’t ready,” the super-secretary explains of what happened next.

But she isn’t sad that things worked out as they have. “Everything turned out the way it was supposed to,” Donna says in the present day.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown