suits flashback episode jessica louis 'Suits' flashback episode features Louis with braces and more DonnaWhen Zap2it spoke with “Suits” star Patrick J. Adams recently, he mentioned that the show’s funny flashback episode was a nice respite from the emotionally draining “Sucker Punch” of the week before. Now that you’ve seen where the Pearson Hardman staffers were five years ago, would you agree?

The first sign “Rewind” was going to be amazing (in a different way than “Sucker Punch,” and aside from the fact that all of Season 2 has been incredible): Flashing back to Pearson Hardman five years ago means that we flashed back to a time when Donna and Harvey were still a team and all was right in the world.

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Sometimes you fleetingly forget how great Donna is and then boom, you remember it all over again. Thank goodness Harvey’s final words of the episode were “I’m getting Donna back.” Zap2it supports that effort 100 percent.

A non-linear time structure on a breezy legal dramedy is just another way “Suits” has separated itself from USA’s pack of shiny, good-looking, easy-to-watch shows during Season 2, and it was fun intermittently flashing back and forth from the past to the present. The cases tied together nicely — we saw how Hardman’s past error will affect the current office politics — but did we mention Donna was back and how awesome that was?

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Fashion-wise, Harvey’s impeccably tailored suits were pretty similar five years ago, but Rachel and Louis sported some seriously different looks. (The fierce bangs and braces, respectively, can stay in the past, though.) Loved stoner Mike, loved seeing the true origin of his and Trevor’s relationship with Jenny, but really did we mention Donna was back?

Donna. You guys. Donna.

What did you think of “Rewind”? How awesome is Donna?

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