suits sarah rafferty interview donna usa 'Suits' interview: Sarah Rafferty talks about Donna's past and future in season 2

“Suits” returns with more season 2 episodes on Jan. 17, but you don’t have to wait that long for some scoop on what’s coming. Sarah Rafferty (Donna) spoke to reporters about her character’s troubled season and what might be coming for her this winter.

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What’s in store for Donna in the second half of the season?

Sarah Rafferty: The firm is going to be busy picking up the pieces in the back-six after the power struggle that we went through in the beginning of the season. So Donna is going to be busy, you know, helping out with Harvey [Gabriel Macht] and, you know, having her usual fun.

Will Donna be more guarded or cautious after getting fired over a lost document?

Sarah Rafferty: Yes, and probably more protective of the firm too. Yes, I think that’s kind of a natural consequence of what she has been through.

How has she been affected by that case? I can imagine that Donna is going to desire to have some one-on-one time with Daniel Hardman [David Costabile] as a result of what he did to her. So that’s something that she’s going to need to have an opportunity for some closure in that way.

I think Donna’s ready to move on and put it behind her. Yes, that sounds short and sweet but I think it’s true. I think that’s Donna’s style. She’s looking ahead

How will the other characters deal with Louis (Rick Hoffman) after his betrayal?

Sarah Rafferty: I think everybody is going to be a — got to be a little guarded about Louis because, you know, they feel really betrayed by him. So [Donna] is — it’s going to be a process, their relationship is going to be a process and Louis is going to, you know, have to work at that going forward.

And so that will lead to some interesting, you know, situations with Donna and Louis. Because Donna did have, I think you witnessed, an affinity for Louis in a unique way. And that was really challenged.

How did she feel about Donna’s troubles in season 2?

Sarah Rafferty: As an actor I was totally psyched that Donna got fired and all that messy stuff that was going to come out of that.

And what pops in my mind right now is kind of one of the first big blowout scenes for Donna was the scene in — I don’t know if you remember in I think it was episode 205 when Harvey comes into the bathroom and they have it out. And she admits that she destroyed the document and then realizes what a mistake that was.

And he says “I’m not going to fire you, I might kill you, but I’m not going to fire you.” And, you know, that was exciting when the material took that kind of turn.

What has been the most challenging scene so far in season 2?

Sarah Rafferty: Donna and Harvey had such a great scene on the street when he comes to give her her bonus check and get her back, to come back to the firm.

And that day it was over 100 degrees and we were shooting on one of the busiest streets — one of the best looking but busiest streets — in Toronto that had cable cars. And there’s no cable cars in New York. So we were constantly having to stop so that the cable cars wouldn’t be in the shot.

Who is her dream actor to work with on “Suits”?

Sarah Rafferty: Can I have anybody? I can have anybody? I’m going to pick… Right now I’m going to pick Mark Ruffalo, and I think that he’s going to have to be Donna’s love interest.

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